Best Cabinets for a Well Organized Kitchen

For many, the kitchen is the repository of so many good feelings and memories – and the way it is organized is only the first taste of satisfaction. The secret to a catalogued kitchen can be found in the very system of doors and drawers composing it: cabinetry. Inside the kitchen cabinetry lies the makings of meals and memories at the heart of family life.

Types of Cabinets for Kitchens

Base Cabinets

These cabinets are literally built to create convenience. Consider the typical shapes and sizes, for instance; a base cabinet is generally about 2’ deep (also known as arm’s length) and they’re about 3’ tall. That’s close to waist height on many adults, so add a nice countertop onto there, and you have the ideal height for cooking, cutting, eating, and socializing. Additionally, the strategic placement of a 40” bar height cabinet, peninsula, or island can create visual separation between rooms, or keep a messy coffee or sink area out of view.

Kitchen with bar top counter

Wall Cabinets & Cupboards

The upper kitchen cupboards are generally less deep, so we have work space to see what we’re doing on the counter. At about 12” deep, these cabinets are deep enough for a dinner plate, rows of glasses, or even a glorious gallimaufry of culinary clutter. Good kitchen cabinet design ideas take into account a need for storage versatility.

Tall & Pantry Cabinets

A well-serving kitchen craves the tall cabinets, too – those nearly 7’ foot tall cabinets where pantry goods and brooms are stored. These pantry cabinets are often augmented with pull-out shelves and fitted storage racks to make access to foods and stored cooking appliances easy. 

Large Pantry Cabinet in White Kitchen

Corner & Specialty Cabinets

Additionally, there are cabinets with specific shapes – like the base cabinet for a sink. Specialty cabinets are fitted to the space, like corner cabinets or island counters. Opt to utilize the significant storage capacity of a corner cabinet space with Lazy Susan shelves, corner drawers, or a bi-fold door. Cupboards that include a wine bottle rack come in handy for parties, and customized hutch cabinets can hold the special occasion linens and silver.

Cabinet Grading for Kitchens

Remodeling your kitchen provides the opportunity to improve the flow of activities central to home life, and increase the storage and efficiency in the kitchen. It can be very helpful to work with a designer from the start, to ensure your priorities are met and the work will be done within your anticipated timeline and budget.  

Installing new cabinets can cost about the same as buying a car. There are low budget options to fix what’s not working, replacement options of various heights of quality, and custom-made selections at higher price levels. 

Ready to Assemble - $

Inexpensive cabinets that are ready-to-assemble are available at hardware stores and home goods stores. These can be a satisfactory DIY solution for short term needs, and the challenge of installation could become a source of pride. This is a tricky accomplishment for most of us, and there are many memes for the frustration - so relatable. 

Stock Cabinets - $$

Another easy option for finding ready-made cabinets is perusing the manufacturers’ stock cabinets. It’s important to carefully review the construction and materials used, to ensure it meets your expectations. Cabinets are made from real wood, wood veneer,melamine resin or laminates. Solid wood is heavy, expensive and rare, and often cabinets have wood fronts with the sides and backs made of other materials. 

Semi-Custom Cabinets - $$$

Special order cabinets are modified to fit better, or upgrade some of the materials and accessories. The extended range of styles and sizes makes it easier to match a design theme. These semi-custom options can personalize your space for less cost than fully custom built cabinets.

Custom Cabinets - $$$$

Custom cabinets are an investment in superior hand-built construction, designed to meet individual specifications. This is ideal for high end homes, as the materials available can be limitless. These cabinets may include the smooth-glide hardware, interior lighting and hand-rubbed finishes that make each piece a satisfying work of art. 

Customization can be essential for specific needs. People who are very tall might want counters that rise higher for their comfort, while people who use a wheelchair would opt for more accessible layouts. 

Styles of Cabinet Facings

When we think about style and design for kitchen cabinet ideas, we tend to focus on the most visible part - the cabinet doors. Let’s talk about the different materials and styles that influence the look of your kitchen.


Shaker style cabinets show the traditional New England craftsmanship known for simplicity and quality. They’re recognized by the five-piece design with four side pieces and an indented center panel.

Craftsman/Mission Style Kitchen

Raised Panel

Similarly, the raised panel cabinet doors include a five-piece design, and the center panel has a lower perimeter, then a raised center. Unlike the Shaker style, the raised center and exterior panels can present ornate design shapes. These reflect well in decor styles for traditional, French, Mexican, Tuscan or craftsman kitchen design themes. 

French Country kitchen with raised panel cabinet doors

Flat-Panel or Slab

More modern decor resonates with the bold flat-panel or slab style cabinets. With no beveling or ornamentation, this minimalist style lends a clean unadorned surface with a timeless aesthetic that resists most trends. 

Flat Panel Cupboards and Cabinets in a Modern Kitchen


Beadboard styling shows a more relaxed, country farmhouse styling, with ridges evenly spaced across the surface to simulate a shiplap construction. These ‘beads’ can be more challenging to keep clean in dusty environments. 

Farmhouse kitchen with beadboard cabinet facings


While the beadboard visual tends to be vertical lines, louvered style is pure horizon and light. These cabinets evoke a beach kind of feeling, with the shutters on the ready. The ventilation afforded by louvered cabinets is an excellent choice in areas where airflow is helpful, like in the laundry area.

Louvered Kitchen Cabinets


Glass-front cabinets are an elegant way to showcase prized dishes and visually create more space with an open concept kitchen. The visibility of glass cabinets is best reserved for specified spaces, with other cabinet options to enclose less noteworthy contents. 

Glassfront and Beadboard Cabinets

Now Trending: Two-Tone Cabinets

People are mixing it up with their cabinet styles and materials. Two tone kitchen cabinets have become popular recently, with different materials for the top and bottom cabinets, or a different style for the center island. Designers are recommending kitchen cabinets ideas that trend Old World charm with modern stylings and cutting edge accessories.  

Bring on the features

While you’re planning your cabinet installation, be sure you consider the features that will add lasting satisfaction. The addition of sliding shelves and spice rack pull-outs make a pantry much more efficient. Soft closing drawers and cabinet doors add finesse to your food prep, and revolving Lazy Susan trays make storage more accessible. A blind corner cabinet uses hardware to bring out stored items and optimize the functionality of corner storage. There are brilliant new features being developed all the time to make the best use of space and improve convenience. 

Professional remodelers know that it’s best to paint the kitchen before installing the cabinets, to ensure the walls are smooth and ready, and no paint gets on the new cabinets. You may also want to add a tiled backsplash before the cabinets, or that could be an easy project for another day. 

Talking with a professional design specialist is a great first step toward achieving the results you love, and we’re always happy to help make your dreams come true. We’ve worked with hundreds of satisfied homeowners, and repeat business is our favorite compliment! Let’s talk about your home, and how we can help you love it more! 

Cabinet Door Options & Styles - Shaker, Raised Panel, Slab or Flat Panel, Beadboard, Cathedral, Arch, Louvered and Glass Front Cabinet Doors

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