When Life Gets Tough, Call a Good Guy

Helpful Home Repair from The Good Guys

Whether impacted by natural events or unwelcome surprises, count on The Good Guys to bring beauty back to your home

Interior Water Damage and Rot

Drywall & Painting

From replacing drywall and painting, to changing floorplans, our remodel team can do it all!

Water damage to wood flooring


Looking for waterproof flooring options? Your Home Project Advisor can guide you to products that work for you, and your budget.

Water damage to fascia and soffit

Siding & Exteriors

Rotten siding, soffit or fascia isn't just ugly to look at - it can be an open invitation to pests and further damage.

Dealing with Disaster

First Steps, and When to call in The Good Guys

When disaster strikes at home, it can be difficult to know what to do first. Here's an easy checklist to keep on hand for dealing with water leaks and damage in your home.

Take pictures, and assess the damage. Be safe around electricity and standing water. Mitigate your damages with temporary fixes, such as drying the area, or covering windows with plywood or a tarp. Save your receipts, they may be reimbursable. Call your insurance and report the damage. Then, Contact The Good Guys for repairs!


A team With Decades of Construction Experience

The Good Guys of North Texas will start by thoroughly inspecting the damage, taking note of any areas of decay that may need replacing or repair. Water damage can lead to mold and mildew growth, a threat to your health and structure of your home. From ceiling to subfloor, we work to bring your home back to its full potential. Put your feet up, and trust The Good Guys with your home repair and restoration!

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