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Our Process

While our team has decades of experience assisting in the design and installation of durable, reliable surfaces that stand the test of time, customer service is where we really shine. When you call Good Guy Flooring, you get a good guy by your side from inception through installation, working hard to provide the best service and an unrivaled customer experience every step of the way.

They say a Good Guy is hard to find—but we make the process simple:

Initial Consultation

Step One

Initial Consultation

We start every project the same way. With an in-depth conversation exploring what you and your family want and need from your new floors. We’ll talk materials, color palette, design aesthetics, and more. 

Budgeting and Selections

Step Two

Budgeting & Selections

Next, we’ll field measure your project, discuss your budget, make suggestions, and help you select your product. Every project is different, so the budgeting and selection process will look a little different for each client. In general, if you have a simpler project and a strong direction, we’ll bring samples with us when we measure. If your project is more detailed, we’ll schedule a time for you to make selections at our showroom.

Ordering and Product Inspection

Step Three

Ordering & Product Inspection

Many flooring contractors move directly from ordering to installation, letting the contractor pick up the product sight unseen. However, we add an inspection step because we want to be sure you get what you’re paying for. Your product is delivered to our warehouse first so that we can physically inspect the materials and ensure they meet our quality control standards before they arrive at your home.

Installation and Completion

Step Four

Installation & Completion

Once we’ve inspected your materials, we’ll schedule your installation. A Good Guy will come to your home with the installation crew to go over the project with you one more time before getting started. Your account manager will also make sure that your install gets completed to your satisfaction. 

That’s it! Setting the process in motion and moving on to the next sale—we manage the installation at every stage so that our clients have an easy, enjoyable experience.

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