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Q&A With Designer Anna Figueroa

The Good Guys Resident Designer, Anna Figueroa

As the newest member of The Good Guys’ team, designer Anna Figueroa can see the potential of any space and alleviate the decision-making stress that so many homeowners face while taking on a project. From the initial consultation, product selection, and all the way to the final walkthrough on install day, she can help a budget go farther (and smarter), while eliminating many of the overwhelming aspects of home projects, big or small!

We are excited to finally introduce our customers to you! Can you give us an overview of your experience in design and how you came to partner with The Good Guys? 
I started in my family’s business doing window treatments (shades, shutters and drapery) and that progressed into more interior design which then progressed to new build design and remodeling. I met Matt (The Good Guys, President) on a project I was working on with Salcedo Homes and we hit it off. After working a few more projects together, he came to me with the idea to be Resident Designer for The Good Guys’ showroom in The Colony, and to advise on the custom home builder accounts. It was no brainer for me.

Living Room Remodel, with Designer Anna Figueroa

When should someone consider working with an interior designer? 
The sooner the better. I like being involved from the very beginning of a project. Whether that is a new build, a large remodel or even a one-room makeover.

In what ways can a designer help make a project go smoothly?
We ensure that you are getting the most bang for your buck and that the project will increase your home's value. A designer can also relieve a lot of headache and stress that occurs during a new build or remodeling project. I take it a step further and do the project management myself to ensure the timelines are met and the quality of work is as expected.

What should someone do in preparation of working with a designer? How much research into materials and colors should they do?
I like to keep the prep part simple on the client side. I mainly want to see a few inspo pics of the area(s). Researching further will be my job but I welcome a client to be as involved as they want to in the project. I usually recommend using Pinterest as a bookmark for all their inspiration photos but I also make sure to keep it ‘real.’ Selfies are not the only pictures that get filtered -- home pictures on the internet go through major contrast, saturation, and vibrancy filters so they can look totally different online versus in person. I also talk budget up front. I need to know my limitations so I can know what materials I can offer or not.

Design Board with Leopard Print and Geometric Tile, Anna Figueroa

How many consultations are needed for an average full kitchen or bathroom remodel? What can make this/these most effective?
Typically about 2-3 meetings prior to the project actually starting. That also includes the meetings with the remodeling crews. I want to make sure these meetings prior to remodel are thorough as that will help avoid ‘surprise’ additional cost after demo starts. In order to do that then an intensive walk through is required which, depending on the project, also means attic walk through.

What are some common challenges that customers face when going through a remodel or new build? How would you recommend planning for and/or avoiding those?
With both remodel or new build I believe the biggest challenge for homeowners is knowing where to spend extra money and ensuring that will increase the home’s value. Living in your home during a major remodel is very stressful. I like to set expectations right off the bat so everyone knows what they are getting into. COMMUNICATION (lots of it)!

Kitchen Remodel with Navy Blue Cabinets, Designer Anna Figueroa

What are the upgrades that can boost a home’s value the most?
Any upgrades that add physical square footage or make the area visually more spacious. First - Kitchen and bathroom remodels, as well as upgraded flooring. Upping the curb appeal with landscaping and exterior improvements help too (paint, updated front entry, deck, patio or porch additions).

Are there any new products or trends that you are excited to see incorporated in 2021 designs?

  1. Texture being added using wall paper or specialty tiles instead of shiplap (I AM SO READY FOR THIS).
  2. No more cold gray & white kitchens - warmer greys and the use of color!
  3. More pocket doors and classic French doors - Barn doors are done. No more large plain slabs.
  4. I am ready to design a green cabinet kitchen.
  5. I also want to see more wood/metal mixing.

Geometric Modern Farmhouse Open Concept Living Room Designed by Anna Figueroa

If someone is on the fence about starting a new remodel project, what would you suggest they consider before making a decision? Is there a budget they should save? Planning to be in their home for a certain number of years? etc?

  1. Determine a budget.
  2. Find out if they are making these changes to update for resale or do they plan on living in the home for several more years. That will determine how extensive the remodel should be.

Avoid the pitfalls of remodels big and small by working with a designer who helps see your vision through to completion. From narrowing down the overwhelming amount of options available, to ensuring a perfect blend of form and function, a designer is one more Good Guy (or Gal) in your corner! Visit our showroom at SH121/Standridge in The Colony or contact us today to claim your FREE Design Consultation!

Featured Photos Credit: Casey Withers / Anna Figueroa


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